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E3 2013: Day One Wrap Up – IGN.

So, here’s the wrap up for yesterday at the E3 Conference. A lot of great games, strong developers, excellent looking game engines (Frostbite 3) and, of course, tantalizing game footage.

I think its safe to assume that we are at a golden age of gaming, though perhaps everyone always thinks that when next-gen happens. But, I still aim to enjoy my 360 and now I have to strong looking competitors from XBOX One and PS4!!!

The games look fantastic and the chance to play these with friends, old and new, is as strong a motivating factor as ever. I love being a part of the gaming community. Here’s just hoping that I can keep up. Man, my gaming back log is too crowded. Thanks God its summer!

Here’s to the rest of E3 being consistently great. Looking forward to more info both from IGN and Game Informer.


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