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So I came across this article from Evan Lenow. Evan is a great guy and a wonderful thinker. At heart, he is an ethicist and believes in protecting the God-given rights of all people.

Recently there has been a lot of “noise” happening in the blogosphere, newspapers, social media sites, and newscast. This issue, and the “noise”, is about President Obama’s universal healthcare and its negation of American’s right to religious liberty.

Just to quote a bit from Lenow, here is something that will give you some scope of the argument:

“the requirement of insurance policies to offer contraceptives to all people at no charge extends beyond the constitutional authority of the federal government. Insurance companies are businesses that are not owned by the federal government. Government has no constitutional authority to require business to offer a service at their own expense. In addition, the mandate of the Affordable Care Act that requires all individuals to have insurance extends beyond the constitutional authority of the federal government. In order to live and breathe in America, the government is attempting to force citizens to buy insurance. This is a gross abuse of power on the part of the federal government.”

There is much more that Lenow expounds, and his article is really worth looking at. This is a serious issue that threatens your personal rights as an American citizen. I urge you now: click the link and take a look.

To Mr. Obama, From a Conscientious Objector « Ethics as Worship.


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