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Taylor had a post today about the US Constitution. I was excited for the post because I have been thinking about our political rights as citizens and the danger that those rights are facing. Simply put: bigger government means less rights for you.

But, beyond that subjective point, it seems that Americans are woefully unequipped when it comes to an understanding of their rights. They mostly understand freedom of speech (sort of), and most rednecks that I know can tell you all about right to arms, but other things like foreign policy, religious freedom, and equality become mired in popular, quasi-savy political rhetoric. I mean, it takes a nice suit, a flashy smile, and some media exposure for a man/woman to gain political appeal. Forget that they are, for lack of better wording here, stupid.

The point is: we all need to spend some serious time thinking about our constitutional rights. We should have a working knowledge of our rights and we should stand up in defense of them. Of course, this post itself is a product of political wrangling. I understand how daunting this task is. However, I turn you over to Taylor’s post below. He offers some helpful resources in which we can begin to seek after equality, justice, and American sensibility.

U.S. Constitution 101 – Justin Taylor.


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