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Whew, this is a nice post by Mike Almeida over at The Prosblogion. Check it out if your itching for a quick, philosophical fix.

The argument itself is tantalizing, in that it challenges a few of my more tightly held beliefs and forces me to reexamine my epistemic justification for my position, as well as the metaphysical possibilities and implications of what his argument conveys.

As such, a one-liner paraphrased thesis might run as follows: God necessarily needs no Theodicy in a modal argument from evil for being morally perfect does not require the metaphysically impossible of eradicating or preventing gratuitous evil in all possible worlds.

This is great stuff, Mike!!!

Check it out below. The post is relatively short. It’s the 200 hundred comments by philosophers that make the scroll bar long. But give us a break: we’re philosophers, and we need the space to do our thinking 😉


Anti-Theodicy and the Modal Argument from Evil – The Prosblogion.


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