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5 Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Church | The Resurgence.

I love this post at The Resurgence. It may be dated, but it has some timely information.

I especially love #5

Read it to get a fresh word yourself!


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Sex-Trafficking at the Super Bowl | The Resurgence.

Because it needs to be known. Because the silent voices of women, alive and dead, need to be heard. Because it is wrong.

Read the article and understand that this is real. Do you have a daughter. If you do and she is ever kidnapped, chances are she will end up in sex-trafficking and you will never see her again. Someone’s daughter was kidnapped, and the only men she knows are the pimps who beat her and the men who pay for her.

Check out the resources at the end. You can definitely do something to help!

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4 Quick Questions about Studying the Bible | The Resurgence.

This is a great post over at The Resurgence. Justin Holcomb overs a quick and steady list of answers to some thoughtful questions. Nothing lengthy, but informative. If you have 2-3 minutes, you should check it out!

For me, I came away thinking that Christians today are woefully lacking in understanding the bigger picture of “how-it-all-fits-together.” I think they understand gospel centeredness, but they miss Jesus in the Old Testament. Studying the Bible is about the big idea of Scripture too, not just the stories.

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Came across this excerpt from The Resurgence blog site. If you are missing this in your life, then you might be missing true friendship.

This is a good word from Augustine, taken from his Confessions.

“To make conversation, to share a joke, to perform mutual acts of kindness, to read together well-written books, to share in trifling and in serious matters, to disagree though without animosity—just as a person debates with himself—and in the very rarity of disagreement to find the salt of normal harmony, to teach each other something or to learn from one another, to long with impatience for those absent, to welcome them with gladness on their arrival.”

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