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The Hobbit: Peter Jackson Films Final Gandalf Scenes With Sir Ian McKellen – Yahoo! omg!.

As the article begins: “It was a sad day in The Shire on Friday, as Sir Ian McKellen completed filming his final scene in “The Hobbit” trilogy. Seconds ago we finished our last shot with Gandalf,” director Peter Jackson posted….”

Man, a lot of emotions run through me as I read this, but I must admit that among the many characters that have stood out to me in my time from late teenager through my twenties, especially inĀ  film and media over the last 10 years have been Dumbledore from Harry Potter and Gandalf. Notably, two wizards with a quasi-omniscience that drove the narrative but not at the expense of character development, their’s and those they influenced.

Here’s to you Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen). Thanks for the memories, along with the power of your performance in bringing a character to life for the film but living that character out before your community of fans.


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Came across this video by Str8voices. I don’t know them or what they are popular for, but they have an amazing rendition of this song.

The ladies do an excellent job, though their pitch does seem a bit odd for a song which is steeped in memory and mourning. However, their voices are angelic and offer a motivating quality to the song.

Take a few minutes to listen to this song and revel in all things The Hobbit!

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