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So, the post included comes from the blog of a Southern Baptist Seminary’s blog site. I have been away for a bit and coming back with a post that is such an “in-house” affair is not the venue that I had in mind. Furthermore, as a former Southern Baptist (by church attendance status anyway, since SBC churches are difficult to find in California or at least where we live anyway) I do not know the debate about the name change as well I should. But, here is what I do know:

Recently Southern Baptist (2-ish years ago) voted in what they called the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR). It became the rallying cry for many Southern Baptist (SB) and helped unify them around a central purpose: spreading the gospel, under the charge of the great commission, into all the world. I say a hearty amen. I for one was not even aware of how strong baptist, particularly southern baptist, where in missions until I went to one of their seminaries. There missions program, known as the International Mission Board (IMB), is really a top-notch organization. They have a lot of resources for spreading the gospel and have the ability, per financial contribution from local churches, to actually reach all the people groups of the world with the gospel. That statement is very profound for those who run in the right circles, considering reaching all the people groups of the world is a very high ambition that requires boat-loads of money. But, SB seem united in that purpose.


Apparently, the brother and sisters at the neighboring missions program for North America, the North American Mission Board (NAMB), were feeling the struggle of planting churches in North American, especially in the North East and North West. People in those locales consider SB nothing more than ignorant bible-thumpers or anti-patriotic fundamentalists. Sometimes they claim that we are anti-intellectual Jesus fanatics who evangelize with mormonsitic zeal and argue with republican countermeasures. For what its worth, all of these points have a ring of truth to them. That has a sting to it but is not, in my understanding, the reason why the name change is being pursued.

It seems that Southern Baptist, at least those with a progressive view and sensitivity to culture, want to get the gospel out. If that means changing our name so we can plant more churches in the North East, then let’s do it!

I understand that logic but I wonder how the conversation will go. “Hi, I’m pastor Chad and I want to invite you to our church tomorrow. It is around the corner in that old school building. Just look for the sign out front. It will say New Grace Baptist Church. We are a Great Commission Baptist group and we are excited to be in this community” I don’t know about you, but this seems strangely familiar to how things used to be when the name was Southern Baptist!?

So, these are just some of my thoughts and puttering’s. Nothing here is really nailed-down. I just feel like there are a certain level of my friend and relatives who would want to know about this issue. Please read the article in the link below and post for comments. I would be happy to entertain dialogue about this issue, whether good or bad.

My Thoughts on the SBC Name Change « Between The Times.


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