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Time again for another video of Ravi!

This is a great one and it doesn’t disappoint. I find his distinction between opinion and conviction to be especially compelling.

Enjoy and be blessed.


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Science, Atheism & Freewill – Dr. Ravi Zacharias respond – YouTube.

Just go this video through my subscription channel. Ravi does a great job here in the Q & A with a professing Scientists/Atheists.

“Were all hardwired and determined, ultimately shaped by our experiences, dreams, and evolution,” say’s the atheists. Ravi counters, insisting that his statement is a truth claim, and at that moment you move from determinism to a higher warrant for your position.

Ravi gives his response around 7:15 in the video, though the preceding speaker has some good points, I am not familiar with him. At any rate, check out the interaction and give a response in the comments, if you so desire.

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Ravi at Princeton University – Why I’m Not an Atheist – YouTube.

Ravi at Princeton

Ahhh, no one does it quiet like Ravi. Listening to him is like drinking a tall, cold glass of ice water. He is such a great speaker with a persuasive message.

Observant, clear, rhetorical, compassionate: this is Ravi and his ability to communicate.

This is a great video. I enjoyed it immensely when I listened to it in his podcast at rzim.org. And, it is even better to see him deliver it in person. Take some time to listen to his message and the Q & A. There is much to be admired here and I hope you don’t miss it!

Blessings 🙂

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