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I came across this video this morning. Some nostalgia and fandom all mixed into one. I still remember watching him play (in the NBA) on Saturday afternoons, and the commentator’s would say, “Wow, this guy never misses.” As an impressionable 6yr old, I believed them and was aghast in horror one day when he rose for a jump shot, and it missed!!! My worldview was crushed, the man who was the king of basketball had failed. Then I realized later that other people missed too and they were still really good. Plus, it was only the regular season. “Okay,” I thought, “Jordan can miss a few shots. He’s not a basketball god but he sure is close. I’ll let it slide this time but he better not miss again”

So, all things considered from a 6yr old perspective, Jordan is a legend: the man who couldn’t miss!

Watch and enjoy!


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The Last of the MohicansLast of the Mohicans Series in the Works from FX – IGN.

This is going to be fantastic!!!

I have loved the film ever since I saw it in theaters, though I was only 8 years old at the time.

I fondly remember my aunts and cousin talking the movie up to me, trying to persuade me that it was filmed in North Carolina and it would be a real treat to go see. I just remember thinking that it was about Indians, the English, and some great fight scenes in the woods. For a kid who pretended being a warrior fighter decimating the fake ranks of enemies as they stormed my barn-fort at the time, I was all like “sure, let’s go see it.”

 A really neat part is that a majority of it was filmed in my home state of North Carolina, with many scenes filmed at a lake not 30-45 minutes from the Home Place where I grew up.

Here’s to hoping that the Series in the works is good. Notably, this seems to be a new trend among Hollywood, in which historical stories are getting dramatic makeovers and documentary-esque shows are becoming full fledged movies. I am thinking specifically of “The Vikings” from the History channel, as well as other shows like Spartacus, John Adams, and some others listed in the link above.

Good television is hard to come by sometimes, but these shows are quality works. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will turn out!

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