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Happy 20th Anniversary, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! – IGN.

So, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers turn 20 today, while MLK’s speech turns 50. Coincidence? Yes. Definitely a coincidence.

But, while many admire (rightly so) the speech of MLK, others will relive and remember afternoon school days sitting in front of the TV watching the Power Rangers.

Now, I must admit that I never actually got into the show. Sure, I watched a few episodes when the channel would come in (this was when satellites were as big as cars and when our home TV got about 6 channel’s, sometimes 7-8 when we hit the top of it!) At any rate, it was a show much loved by many and still going strong in some ways into our present day. In fact, I remember being in 5th grade and hearing a guy say that he couldn’t wait to get home so he could see the big reveal of the Green Ranger. He apparently set things up to be a car-rider that day so he didn’t have to wait so long on the bus! I was all like, “whatever dude, I’m watching Tale Spin when I get home.” He was not amused!

Beyond that, my cousin was totally in love with the Power Rangers and when I visited him we would always play a SNES (I’m pretty sure it was Super Nintendo) Power Rangers game. Admittedly, it was quiet fun.

So, that’s my experience with the Power Rangers. Undoubtedly many others will have different experiences, especially if they were/are big fans. So, if your interested, click the link above. There is some great content related to the Power Rangers, along with 4-5 video clips.



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