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6 things we learned at E3 2013 | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games.

The next gen of consoles is here and these are a few things at the conference that jumped out. Notably one of these is a direct descendant of some greater issues in the National agenda and on the media platform. I’m talking about property rights, both intellectual and digital.

Just a few thoughts here on this post.

One, I am not entirely happy with the used game issue concerning Microsoft. Sony capitalized on this by nailing Microsoft in the heart. One point to you Sony! However, I am not persuaded to go with Sony only on this issue because I enjoy a wider array of services I can get through Microsoft.┬áTime will tell if Microsoft changes their views or not, but as the adage goes, “it is what it is.”

Two, indie developers are large and they are making great waves with the next gen console. Things are looking good and gaming is becoming more sophisticated as a medium as indie gamers get involved themselves and bring us great games. Project Spark anyone!!!

Finally, sharing game footage is amazing and I can’t wait to do it more. So many times I get a double kill in Halo 4 or do something amazing, when I can survive in multiplayer for longer than 40 seconds, and I wish I could immediately post it too my friends and other players.

These are just a few concepts but they are extremely important. Here’s to hoping we learn more as we continue forward.


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