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I came across this video this morning. Some nostalgia and fandom all mixed into one. I still remember watching him play (in the NBA) on Saturday afternoons, and the commentator’s would say, “Wow, this guy never misses.” As an impressionable 6yr old, I believed them and was aghast in horror one day when he rose for a jump shot, and it missed!!! My worldview was crushed, the man who was the king of basketball had failed. Then I realized later that other people missed too and they were still really good. Plus, it was only the regular season. “Okay,” I thought, “Jordan can miss a few shots. He’s not a basketball god but he sure is close. I’ll let it slide this time but he better not miss again”

So, all things considered from a 6yr old perspective, Jordan is a legend: the man who couldn’t miss!

Watch and enjoy!


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