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Family Culture

U.Va. Study Identifies Four Family Cultures in America | UVA Today.

I came across this link yesterday, courtesy of Justin Holcomb on Twitter. Justin has a PhD in Sociology, from Virginia I think, and is also a pastor for Mars Hill in Seattle.

The article is eye-opening, yet surprising. I was expecting a multitude of different family networks, as the “family” is, or appears to be, rapidly changing before our eyes. And I’m not talking about issues related to Homosexuality or Feminism or Conservative lobbying. I’m talking about issues based upon socio-economic factors, which have largely shaped our family values and makeup.

I think the most surprising thing for me was the family culture #2, and the stereotypical study was the Blue Collar family, although I think it is true of much of what they say.

Of course this is only sociological and their are many other issues to consider, which go down to the very individuals themselves. Nevertheless, this is a good and accurate representation of the different family models you can come to expect and interact with on a daily basis, whether you work in customer service, teach children, do financial consulting, etc….

Enjoy the link and leave a comment about your views and agreements or disagreements.



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The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right | Mere Orthodoxy

Once again, Anderson has given us a clear look into a convoluted discussion. Using the book The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right by Jon Shields as a diving board, Anderson jumps head first into a discussion on some of the findings that Shields notes in his monograph. Everything seems to be fair game, from media outlets and the NY Times to Stand to Reason Ministry and personal visits to protesters at abortion clinics!

It seems that Shields is a hands on sociologists, unlike James Davison Hunter who apparently is more “cerebral” in his statistical analysis of sociological trends. However, this may be unfair to Hunter, as I have not read his works. Although,  I have heard that he is a strong mind with some important things to say concerning Christianity in the sociological milieu.

Yet Shields approach is novel, earned, and it seems: fresh. As Anderson notes, the discussion on why the Right has been caricatured in the way they have has been dense and tiring for quite some time, especially in the continual use of ideas and catch-phrases to elucidate the discussion. Anderson suggests that Shields has a better, engaging, and perhaps “hip” approach to the sociological trends concerning caricatures of the Right. An approach that is fresh, honest, and to the point. I, for one, want to know more.

Needless to say, you should go right now and click the link to Mere Orthodoxy above. Then, check out Shields book at Amazon and consider buying it. And just so you can be encouraged, follow in my footsteps as I am about to do just that right now!

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