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Back to it!


Hello readers, I am back. Sorry for the hiatus, but I was away in North Carolina for a vacation.

And then, as you may know, there seems to be more work to do, in home and out, after you come back from a trip as opposed to before. Also couple this with getting my 15mo old daughter back on a regular schedule and, well, you get the picture!

I have some post lined up and plan to jump back to it!

I’ll see you around 🙂


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Attn Philosophers and Theologians: Check out the link below for details pertaining to this project at Saint Louis University.

It will be of tremendous value to the philosophical community and looks to be enticing and exciting for those interested in various specializations in epistemology, though it will not be solely relegated to that realm.

Do some work and give the world a better understanding of humility and how it works and what it looks like to be people who exhibit humility openly, honestly, and properly in all areas of life and scholarship. If this peaks your interests, then check out the details at the link below.

The Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility Project at Saint Louis University – The Prosblogion.

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Pixar MoviesPixar’s Movies: Worst to Best – IGN.

I came across this link as I was surfing the web tonight.

It was fun and nostalgic to read the bio’s and critiques of these movies and look at how they were rated. I had some agreements and other disagreements, but one notable “yikes” came when I saw Wall-E at #2. I mean, seriously: number 2! I get that the movie had a good story but it was rather bland and left something to be desired. Yet to each his own, I suppose (sigh).

I think #1 is spot on, but I won’t tell so as not to spoil the ultimate surprise. Let’s just say that it was a timeless coming-of-age experience which Pixar captured and delivered to viewers everywhere, helping them understand that growing up doesn’t always mean that you ever quit being a child at heart. That may give it away to some, but you’ll have to read the story to find out.

Enjoy a walk down movie lane and reminisce about all those great movies and the experiences and memories you share!

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Political Zombies

Are you fat enough to survive the zombie apocalypse? – The Washington Post.

All those beware: when the zombie apocalypse happens even the politicians will be scrounging (literally) for their life!!! My money’s on the blue collar guy, who can wield a regular house tool like a samurai sword and still model that sexy, beer belly! Laugh now, but weep later, when he’s getting energy from that gut that you spent 6 months working off at the gym 😉

BTW, props here to Dr. Russell Moore, as I got this link from his Twitter Feed. The article is an amusing and cynical op-ed piece over at The Washington Post.

For my bet, it looks like Obama’s lanky with that basketball physique and no real hope. Paul Ryan is young but too lean-muscled. Perhaps Palin can survive with here Alaskan survival skills, unless she sees the Russians! And Zombies. (Gasp!) Russian Zombies!!!

I’m betting on McCain. He’s a semi-pudgy war veteran who should hold his own. Although it will be tough to fight off zombies if he can’t raise his arms above his shoulders.

Curious about your other politicians and their survival status in a zombie apocalypse!? Click the link and find out!!!

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Great list compilation here. #’s 5 and 1 are my personal favs!

Check out the link when you can.

Let me know how World War Z turned out if you’ve seen it.

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Pride of Self

Why I Find Your Pride So Annoying – Justin Taylor.

This was an insightful post, quoting C.S. Lewis. In many ways, some will smirk at the irony that I am posting pridefully about a post that denigrates the vice of Pride, which is true. Though it is tacitly implicit that there are various species of pride, so to speak, which dominate the characteristics of the individual person. I hope you will find something in Lewis that will strike at the various species of pride within your own life.

At any rate, it is always beneficial to hear from Lewis, for his voice echoes across the generations, somehow bringing the old principles of wisdom and thought to bear on the times of a new generation.

Read Lewis and meditate upon him, for its good for your soul.

Blessings to you all 🙂

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So here’s a shout out to all the dad’s. Hopefully your day was filled with good food and family love.

Here’s a “Happy Father’s Day” to my dad as well. I will forever share a passion for mowing the lawn because of his passion for waking me up at 8am on Saturday mornings to cut 5-6 acres worth, with trimming and weed eating. But I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world, especially the cool down times when we went to the local country convenient store for Sun Drops and Ice cream cones and then sat on the front porch as a thunderhead rolled through, showering rain on our freshly cut lawn.

So, here’s to you dad! And to all you other dad’s as well.

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