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I came across this video this morning. Some nostalgia and fandom all mixed into one. I still remember watching him play (in the NBA) on Saturday afternoons, and the commentator’s would say, “Wow, this guy never misses.” As an impressionable 6yr old, I believed them and was aghast in horror one day when he rose for a jump shot, and it missed!!! My worldview was crushed, the man who was the king of basketball had failed. Then I realized later that other people missed too and they were still really good. Plus, it was only the regular season. “Okay,” I thought, “Jordan can miss a few shots. He’s not a basketball god but he sure is close. I’ll let it slide this time but he better not miss again”

So, all things considered from a 6yr old perspective, Jordan is a legend: the man who couldn’t miss!

Watch and enjoy!


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This is awesome! My wife shared it with me this morning and then I came across it later today and just had to post it.

These guys are excellent and I have a lot of respect for them both. Plus, my wife and I love football and look forward to watching these guys play, coupled with the crazy and fun commercials they do throughout the season. Check it out!!!

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Tebow tug-of-war


NBC and CBS are in a Tim Tebow tug-of-war – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

So I am on the Tebow Train! I know, I know. What am I thinking. I have sold myself out to hysteria and Tebow-mania and I can no longer consider myself a discerning, serious viewer of the sport. Well, not entirely.

I love Tebow. He seems like a great guy. And, he actually played an incredible game this past Sunday in which he threw more than he ran. Finally, some progress! It seems to me that Tebow is learning to play the game at the NFL level. But, I am concerned about the fall. Yes,  the fall, that inevitable time when he loses a game. The time when the hysteria is broken, the dream is shattered, and the oomph dissipates. The time when headlines will read “Tebow Fails.” To be fair, I don’t think Tebow will fail when he loses. I don’t think he will be phased that much by the loss. However, I am concerned about the impact that the media will have on his psychological well-being. Face it folks, people want to see a hero succeed, but our culture loves to watch them fall. Hard. And that is when the vultures will attack.

Now, it should be no surprise that the vultures are circling. Just read this post and see for yourself. The anticipation of fresh-blood shed by the coming failure of Tebow to win that next game is too strong. Yes, the vultures are here and they aren’t going anywhere. The question I want to know is: how will Tebow look when the blood is finally sopped up and the vultures depart. When Tebow has been haggled for the last time, will he still be the the Tebow we know today. Yes. But that is no reason to not think about and pray for him now.

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