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The Materialists’ Rapture | First Things.

As the article goes: “Proselytizers for “transhumanism” claim that through the wonders of technology, you or your children will live forever. Not only that, but within decades you will be able to transform your body and consciousness into an infinite variety of designs and purposes—self-directed evolution leading to the development of “post human species” possessing comic book character-like super abilities. Indeed, one day we will be god-like: “In the distant future,” Princeton biologist Lee Silver sighed in his book Remaking Eden, we will become immortal “mental beings” as “different from humans as humans are from the primitive worms with tiny brains that first crawled along the earth’s surface.””

As our culture slides ever into the mire of evolutionary physicalism, focusing on medicating our brains to peak performance and finding a way to control all those pesky, unwanted emotions that we can’t quiet get a grip on, we are now seeking to toy with the machinations of immorality and give ourselves god-like powers. But, this isn’t news for anyone on the inner cusp of accepting Secular Humanism. In the 20th century, some have argued that it was the bloodiest century in history, based upon  the ill gotten and incorrect worldviews of some of the most sado-masochistic men to ever live. Now, someone might say that the 21st century will be mankind’s “big break”, as we uncover the fountain of youth in the technological advances of our scientific culture. And then alas, when the transhuman titans emerge, those left will cry that while the 20th century was the bloodiest, the 21st was actually the least humane, for in our desire to advance ourselves, we will cash in our very souls.

Give the article a read. Leave a comment on your thoughts below!


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Time again for another video of Ravi!

This is a great one and it doesn’t disappoint. I find his distinction between opinion and conviction to be especially compelling.

Enjoy and be blessed.

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Science, Atheism & Freewill – Dr. Ravi Zacharias respond – YouTube.

Just go this video through my subscription channel. Ravi does a great job here in the Q & A with a professing Scientists/Atheists.

“Were all hardwired and determined, ultimately shaped by our experiences, dreams, and evolution,” say’s the atheists. Ravi counters, insisting that his statement is a truth claim, and at that moment you move from determinism to a higher warrant for your position.

Ravi gives his response around 7:15 in the video, though the preceding speaker has some good points, I am not familiar with him. At any rate, check out the interaction and give a response in the comments, if you so desire.

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Family Culture

U.Va. Study Identifies Four Family Cultures in America | UVA Today.

I came across this link yesterday, courtesy of Justin Holcomb on Twitter. Justin has a PhD in Sociology, from Virginia I think, and is also a pastor for Mars Hill in Seattle.

The article is eye-opening, yet surprising. I was expecting a multitude of different family networks, as the “family” is, or appears to be, rapidly changing before our eyes. And I’m not talking about issues related to Homosexuality or Feminism or Conservative lobbying. I’m talking about issues based upon socio-economic factors, which have largely shaped our family values and makeup.

I think the most surprising thing for me was the family culture #2, and the stereotypical study was the Blue Collar family, although I think it is true of much of what they say.

Of course this is only sociological and their are many other issues to consider, which go down to the very individuals themselves. Nevertheless, this is a good and accurate representation of the different family models you can come to expect and interact with on a daily basis, whether you work in customer service, teach children, do financial consulting, etc….

Enjoy the link and leave a comment about your views and agreements or disagreements.


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Darwin’s Doubt: An Interview with Stephen C. Meyer – Justin Taylor.

An interesting interview regarding Darwin and the Theory of Evolution. A must read with some good points.

Meyer’s has a great wit, and he’s also a humble guy.

Check it out!

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My wife and I went on our anniversary trip in August (6 years and counting). We went to San Diego for a weekend trip and our “big” event was the zoo!

Now, I must confess that I actually enjoy these kind of things. Zoo trips, art museums, flower gardens, the theater, etc…. I find them enjoyable, and it is a nice change of pace from the usual night of Chili’s and Netflix!

Anyway, while we were walking around the zoo a few things came to my mind. I thought I would share them with you.

First, the importance of taking care of our planet was very obvious. Aside from the multiple recycle containers around the whole park (we live in California), the animal life was a big reason why we need to do a better job of being good stewards of the environment. Their survival and well-being depends on our treatment of the earth. Just so you know, I am not the best or worst at doing my part in this. Do I pour motor oil down the drain or litter insouciantly? No. Do I recycle? Not consistently. Do I leave the water running when I brush my teeth? Occasionally. The point is, we can all do our part in protecting the environment and giving the animals a better chance at survival.

Second, animals are fascinating! They really are.

My favorite, well, I am stuck between two. One was this very quirky monkey. Of all the things he could have done, he somersaulted from a tree limb onto the viewing glass and then did a flip off the glass to land on the head of a hippo!!! Say What?!? Yep, he sure did. Just by that feat along he deserves to be labeled awesome.

Another fascinating animal was the silver-back Gorilla. I know Lions are supposed to be king of the jungle (the one we saw was just lying there sleeping), but gorilla’s are truly majestic animals. Not only his size, but his alertness and aggression made me think twice about these incredible creations. They truly are marvelous animals. And, this brings me to a third, and final, observation.

Animals and humans are two entirely different things. Now, I am not talking in some metaphysically ontological language nor am I specifying the mechanics of scientific theory and investigation. I am simply saying that, whatever your thoughts may be, “Come meet your closest relatives” is not an accurate message to display at the zoo. Now, if they had some of your relatives, or mine, caged in the zoo, that would make more sense. I am sure we all know that some family members could definitely spend some time there. BTW, my wife reminds me of this every time I eat Doritos crumbs off my shirt. But hey: they are Doritos. Why would you waste them? But I digress.

I am saying, though, that there is a big disconnect in what the establishment (whoever they are) has labeled “scientifically” accurate and what “is” scientifically accurate.

No doubt this is an old quibble, and one that finds new areas of conversation (good or bad) in each generation. However, it is a small token of where the human race has come and perhaps where it will go. Planet of the Apes anyone? I doubt it on so many different levels.

So…, next time you are at the zoo, the museum, the theater, or the game: enjoy yourself. But, if you get a chance (or remember), take a look around at your surroundings. You may be surprised at what you see. A small sign telling me that my relative was around the corner was not too big of a surprise considering where our culture is today. Let’s just hope that something like that doesn’t happen in a few years if you walk into a robot museum!

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California Science Center Pays $110,000 to Settle Intelligent Design Discrimination Lawsuit – Evolution News & Views.

Wow! Interesting article. If you follow any of the political wranglings with this issue in the Academy and across political avenues, then you know how big this is.

The battle still rages.

Check it out if your interested about the interface of science, religion, and politics. Mind you, this is only one avenue. There are MANY more.

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