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Power Rangers

Happy 20th Anniversary, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! – IGN.

So, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers turn 20 today, while MLK’s speech turns 50. Coincidence? Yes. Definitely a coincidence.

But, while many admire (rightly so) the speech of MLK, others will relive and remember afternoon school days sitting in front of the TV watching the Power Rangers.

Now, I must admit that I never actually got into the show. Sure, I watched a few episodes when the channel would come in (this was when satellites were as big as cars and when our home TV got about 6 channel’s, sometimes 7-8 when we hit the top of it!) At any rate, it was a show much loved by many and still going strong in some ways into our present day. In fact, I remember being in 5th grade and hearing a guy say that he couldn’t wait to get home so he could see the big reveal of the Green Ranger. He apparently set things up to be a car-rider that day so he didn’t have to wait so long on the bus! I was all like, “whatever dude, I’m watching Tale Spin when I get home.” He was not amused!

Beyond that, my cousin was totally in love with the Power Rangers and when I visited him we would always play a SNES (I’m pretty sure it was Super Nintendo) Power Rangers game. Admittedly, it was quiet fun.

So, that’s my experience with the Power Rangers. Undoubtedly many others will have different experiences, especially if they were/are big fans. So, if your interested, click the link above. There is some great content related to the Power Rangers, along with 4-5 video clips.



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Autumn 2013 Movie Preview

IGN’s Autumn 2013 Movie Preview – IGN.

Just came across this today. A three page exclusive article detailing snippets of upcoming movies for Fall 2o13!!!

There are some incredible movies coming out with some A-list actors. There are so many I want to see, from drama to sci-fi fantasy action. The list is well balanced, offering brief bio’s and video snippets of each entry.

When you have some time, check it out to see what you might be looking forward too!

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Castle of Glass

I heard this song on the radio maybe a week ago and it blew me away. It starts slow but the rhythm, the feel, the way it touches the deep places of your soul is incredible.

From what I understand of Linkin Park, the meaning of their songs are very open to various interpretation/s, so there is some room for relativism, though I am of the persuasion that everything is exclusive, so there is some central message they are wanting to portray. From the video, it looks to be some form of commentary on War, specifically: the Iraq War. But, I may be off base on that. That’s what my research on the song suggested.

What I find captivating about the song is the sound: nostalgic, realistic, almost dour at times but then simultaneously content, though not without sorrow and pain. Many people could resonate with that: living life to be content with the daily pain they endure, whether mental, physical, or spiritual.

So, give the song I listen. I would encourage you to first listen to it without watching the video to get the raw feel and then to watch the video to see how they applied it. And then think about how it applies to you.

I hope you like it. I found it, and find it, well: simply amazing!

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It appears now to be no joke or speculation: it’s happening!

Well, all will be told soon enough. Check out the article for the Jimmy Fallon interview with Jeff Daniels.

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Scary stories

What Happens When You Deprive Children of Scary Stories – Justin Taylor.

This is an excellent post. It seems today that there is a tendency to either let children take in all that culture has to offer or to minimize and cut off all access to the outside world. Yet I think this has been the struggle of parents throughout history, though living in 21st century, modernized America with its politically correct atmosphere does engender stranger attitudes.

Children are more apt to be sheltered from death and talk of religion and the supernatural, because they frankly might never have to face it. However, in life even into the early 1900’s, life was a precarious issue and walking out your door, as Bilbo once put it, was a very dangerous business.

But this link offers more than just a commentary on cultural issues, for it seems that scary stories are good for your soul. Just think of The Brother’s Grimm and what those stories have done for a veritable cultural renaissance (pretty sure almost all Disney fairy-tale’s take their cue from here). And what about Harry Potter for the last generation. Lord Voldemort, errr, he-who-must-not-be-named, was capturing the minds of children around the world as they were subconsciously dealing with learning to be a hero as they identified with the three protagonists and felt every bit of pain and struggle as they read and watched the story unfold.

So, are scary stories a way to build the imagination and moral formation of the next upcoming generation? Read the story and tell me what you think!?

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The Hobbit: Peter Jackson Films Final Gandalf Scenes With Sir Ian McKellen – Yahoo! omg!.

As the article begins: “It was a sad day in The Shire on Friday, as Sir Ian McKellen completed filming his final scene in “The Hobbit” trilogy. Seconds ago we finished our last shot with Gandalf,” director Peter Jackson posted….”

Man, a lot of emotions run through me as I read this, but I must admit that among the many characters that have stood out to me in my time from late teenager through my twenties, especially in  film and media over the last 10 years have been Dumbledore from Harry Potter and Gandalf. Notably, two wizards with a quasi-omniscience that drove the narrative but not at the expense of character development, their’s and those they influenced.

Here’s to you Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen). Thanks for the memories, along with the power of your performance in bringing a character to life for the film but living that character out before your community of fans.

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The Last of the MohicansLast of the Mohicans Series in the Works from FX – IGN.

This is going to be fantastic!!!

I have loved the film ever since I saw it in theaters, though I was only 8 years old at the time.

I fondly remember my aunts and cousin talking the movie up to me, trying to persuade me that it was filmed in North Carolina and it would be a real treat to go see. I just remember thinking that it was about Indians, the English, and some great fight scenes in the woods. For a kid who pretended being a warrior fighter decimating the fake ranks of enemies as they stormed my barn-fort at the time, I was all like “sure, let’s go see it.”

 A really neat part is that a majority of it was filmed in my home state of North Carolina, with many scenes filmed at a lake not 30-45 minutes from the Home Place where I grew up.

Here’s to hoping that the Series in the works is good. Notably, this seems to be a new trend among Hollywood, in which historical stories are getting dramatic makeovers and documentary-esque shows are becoming full fledged movies. I am thinking specifically of “The Vikings” from the History channel, as well as other shows like Spartacus, John Adams, and some others listed in the link above.

Good television is hard to come by sometimes, but these shows are quality works. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will turn out!

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