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Political Zombies

Are you fat enough to survive the zombie apocalypse? – The Washington Post.

All those beware: when the zombie apocalypse happens even the politicians will be scrounging (literally) for their life!!! My money’s on the blue collar guy, who can wield a regular house tool like a samurai sword and still model that sexy, beer belly! Laugh now, but weep later, when he’s getting energy from that gut that you spent 6 months working off at the gym 😉

BTW, props here to Dr. Russell Moore, as I got this link from his Twitter Feed. The article is an amusing and cynical op-ed piece over at The Washington Post.

For my bet, it looks like Obama’s lanky with that basketball physique and no real hope. Paul Ryan is young but too lean-muscled. Perhaps Palin can survive with here Alaskan survival skills, unless she sees the Russians! And Zombies. (Gasp!) Russian Zombies!!!

I’m betting on McCain. He’s a semi-pudgy war veteran who should hold his own. Although it will be tough to fight off zombies if he can’t raise his arms above his shoulders.

Curious about your other politicians and their survival status in a zombie apocalypse!? Click the link and find out!!!


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Lazy, Lost, or Unlucky?

Only 55 percent of young Americans have jobs, lowest since WWII | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

This is a problem! Wanted to share it as soon as I read it. I have some more thoughts on it but I will post them in a follow-up post.

There are sociological, economic, and religious implications here. Do I think it is the sole fault of said age-group? No! Do I think that generations ahead of this age group are to blame? Somewhat. Is there a way out of this mess? I say unlikely at the moment, but there may be some alternatives.

Check it out when you can. Read it and post your thoughts!


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This post is great for giving a quick “tidbit” on how to think wisely regarding finances.

Are you a “Savvy Spender”?.

There is more of a spiritual element in the post, as opposed to a practical “12 step” mentality.

Nevertheless, if you think that it has nothing meaningful to say because it has a spiritual dimension, then ironically you of all people should probably read it.

I am a terrible spender, mostly because I buy whatever I want!

What about you?

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Interesting article on making an earning over a lifetime. I assume that this comes as a result of the economy and the job market.

However, I find it interesting that in one part of the article, a woman must earn a PhD to make as much as a man who only has a bachelors degree!

Our society seems to be progressive in feminist and egalitarian ideals, although this article seems to suggests that this may not be the case, as evidenced by the idea that women must work twice as hard as men and gain a double advantage.

On another note, it seems that those who earn a college degree, at least a bachelors, have a significant advantage for job gain and financial stability.

Good news for those earning a four-year degree! Albeit, those with their diploma are rapidly closing the gap.

Again, I assume this is due to the economy, but as economics is known as the dismal science, no one really knows when it will get better or worse. Sure, we have “experts”, but they have a different story everyday because the economy changes every day.

So, be encouraged. Some level of education is enough to help you gain financial stability, although debt could derail you at some point. But, let’s save that for another post.

Make the most of your education and go as far as you can go!

How Higher Education Affects Lifetime Salary – Yahoo! Finance.

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