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Christian Gay's

LGBT group finds acceptance at evangelical college.

As I watched violent protest on my television tonight concerning the Trayvon Martin case against Mr. Zimmermann, I flip through some random internet browsing and came across this piece: Fuller Theological Seminary now allowing and accepting a LGBT group onto their campus.

As the article indicts Biola University for quashing a similar group, it praises Fuller for their openness. Yet, Fuller seems to have a contradiction on their hands, in prohibiting pre-marital sexual relations between its students and yet promoting same-sex clubs which encourage them to embrace all aspects of their sexuality, which one might also understand to contain physical intercourse. But perhaps not!?

What is obviously clear is that many more institutions which claim to be centered upon the gospel of Christ and the Scripture as the very Word of God will also condone actions and activities that are demarcated within the very corpus of Christian teaching as wrong. But perhaps not!?

Maybe Fuller desires a club where those who are professing Christians might also come alongside one another to take better stock of what it means to be gay, and I assume bi-sexual or transgender as well. It seems that we mustn’t forget the B and T, and only focus on the L and G, right? Perhaps the members of the club desire to be Christian’s who understand the struggle of same-sex attraction but resist that as sin in order to better serve Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Well, that sounds better but it also doesn’t sound any different from the umpteen number of guys and gals who are professing Christians and also peruse and meander through search engines for their next porno fix. Ah, the irony seems apparent and yet this is the rationale of the world today. And yet there seems another, deeper issue at stake.

Now to be skeptical or concerned about a group like this is to be intolerant and even worse, I think, inhumane, for as one lady puts it in the final sections of the article, and I paraphrase: the issue is no longer about what is acceptable, but about what is less inhumane. Well, if that’s the case then, we’ve come along way in this country in thinking that it is humane to abort baby fetuses and decry the nuclear family whereas we champion an attack against the “inhumanity” of questioning one’s sexual orientation or their desire. There’s a lot of ambiguity going on there, and in a country focused on human rights, there’s an awful lot of ignorance about even beginning to understand and define what is human. I think we have the cart before the horse here, folks!

Well, that’s my musing on the article. It would behoove you to read it when you can. It is filled with some delicious contradictions, though they are the sorrowful sort, for they are not ones which decry the intelligence of the author’s literary capability but they are actual logical fallacies which decry the extent of how low the human heart has fallen and the platform now in which those things are championed across the borders.

Admittedly, I still have an incredible amount of thinking to do in my understanding of this movement, and not just in regard to the decision reached by Fuller. So, I pass this along to you, my readers, and trust you will find it beneficial to your own thinking about the issues that are alive and well today.


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What Is Analytic Theology? – Justin Taylor.

Great post here by Taylor about Analytic Theology. The video clip, hosted by the University of Notre Dame, is a roundtable of three notable scholars today, working in the trenches between philosophy and theology.

The video is a great summary for those interested in the field, intrigued by the title, or wanting to know more about how philosophy and theology work together in making sense of the world today from their various disciplinary viewpoints.

If you are interested in additional resources, check http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Analytic%20Theology

Also, check here: http://journalofanalytictheology.com/jat/index.php/jat

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Scary stories

What Happens When You Deprive Children of Scary Stories – Justin Taylor.

This is an excellent post. It seems today that there is a tendency to either let children take in all that culture has to offer or to minimize and cut off all access to the outside world. Yet I think this has been the struggle of parents throughout history, though living in 21st century, modernized America with its politically correct atmosphere does engender stranger attitudes.

Children are more apt to be sheltered from death and talk of religion and the supernatural, because they frankly might never have to face it. However, in life even into the early 1900’s, life was a precarious issue and walking out your door, as Bilbo once put it, was a very dangerous business.

But this link offers more than just a commentary on cultural issues, for it seems that scary stories are good for your soul. Just think of The Brother’s Grimm and what those stories have done for a veritable cultural renaissance (pretty sure almost all Disney fairy-tale’s take their cue from here). And what about Harry Potter for the last generation. Lord Voldemort, errr, he-who-must-not-be-named, was capturing the minds of children around the world as they were subconsciously dealing with learning to be a hero as they identified with the three protagonists and felt every bit of pain and struggle as they read and watched the story unfold.

So, are scary stories a way to build the imagination and moral formation of the next upcoming generation? Read the story and tell me what you think!?

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Science, Atheism & Freewill – Dr. Ravi Zacharias respond – YouTube.

Just go this video through my subscription channel. Ravi does a great job here in the Q & A with a professing Scientists/Atheists.

“Were all hardwired and determined, ultimately shaped by our experiences, dreams, and evolution,” say’s the atheists. Ravi counters, insisting that his statement is a truth claim, and at that moment you move from determinism to a higher warrant for your position.

Ravi gives his response around 7:15 in the video, though the preceding speaker has some good points, I am not familiar with him. At any rate, check out the interaction and give a response in the comments, if you so desire.

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Supreme Court strikes federal marriage provision – Yahoo! News.

Big news today coming down from our law makers!

Obviously opinions have been weighed and will continue to be given. The Conservatives mourn and wallow in shock and disbelief. The Liberals celebrate and gloat in revelry and fan fare. But then that itself is already half the problem. Do you see it!? People are labeled by opposing sides and then described by that sides presuppositions.

For my two cents: As a gen Y-er or Millennial I am sick and tired of the debate and am convinced that those of a Conservative mindset are fighting a losing battle, as a culture bent upon its own desires will eventually get what it wants. And they should be aware of that, especially those who are professing Christians, for in their own lives they, myself included, ignore the ideal and right way for our selfish impulses of sinful lust. As for the Liberal agenda: I’m glad that you’ve been given this opportunity for legal equality, but hope that in all you gloating and ranting that you have finally arrived, you also take time to consider the bigger issues of your personal health and cultural impact. You wanted to be married to a same-sex lover? Well, here you go. But, please also take the responsibility to educate your loved ones and the surrounding culture on the statistics of your eventual health problems, as you are statistically greater off in having more and greater complications. Also, please be prepared to educate, and be involved in, the education of your children, because the cultural mindset we have now is ill equipped to deal with counseling children that have same-sex parents. You need to take the time to serve on the education committees and be leaders in making the way in helping the culture at large understand your new place and the voice you have been given. Don’t sit back and let others do the work. You wanted the privilege. You got it. Now, honor your new responsibilities as well. And, please don’t bull-doze your agenda down our throats. Regardless of how you feel about being bull-dozed over the last 40 years by conservatively minded people, in your victory have grace and teach others. Set the example and act like the human beings you all want us to recognize and accept.

I hope that both sides will begin treating one another like human beings and not lobbying practice dummies. A more thoughtful approach is needed on ALL sides concerning ALL the issues. Unfortunately, I have no hope that we are now living, or have been living, in a culture where that is possible in the last 40 years or so. But I’m willing to be proven wrong.

Check out the article if you have some time, and blessings to you all.

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Political Zombies

Are you fat enough to survive the zombie apocalypse? – The Washington Post.

All those beware: when the zombie apocalypse happens even the politicians will be scrounging (literally) for their life!!! My money’s on the blue collar guy, who can wield a regular house tool like a samurai sword and still model that sexy, beer belly! Laugh now, but weep later, when he’s getting energy from that gut that you spent 6 months working off at the gym 😉

BTW, props here to Dr. Russell Moore, as I got this link from his Twitter Feed. The article is an amusing and cynical op-ed piece over at The Washington Post.

For my bet, it looks like Obama’s lanky with that basketball physique and no real hope. Paul Ryan is young but too lean-muscled. Perhaps Palin can survive with here Alaskan survival skills, unless she sees the Russians! And Zombies. (Gasp!) Russian Zombies!!!

I’m betting on McCain. He’s a semi-pudgy war veteran who should hold his own. Although it will be tough to fight off zombies if he can’t raise his arms above his shoulders.

Curious about your other politicians and their survival status in a zombie apocalypse!? Click the link and find out!!!

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Blue Like Orthodoxy: When Donald Miller met G.K. Chesterton | Mere Orthodoxy | Christianity, Politics, and Culture.

I read this article this morning. Great Post by Matt over at Mere O!

I especially like his comments which simultaneously defend his internet commentary while also debating Miller’s hipster-laced barbs.

It’s a good link to look at a wonderful comparison and contrasts between, really, three authors and their points of view, even if one just is commentary. So, if you have some time over a cup of coffee this morning or a glass of tea in the afternoon, check out the link above and give treat yourself to this article!

 So let me be as clear as possible and take an aggressive stand:  I have read G.K. Chesterton, I have even written an introduction for a book by G.K. Chesterton, and Donald Miller is no G.K. Chesterton. – See more at: http://mereorthodoxy.com/blue-like-orthodoxy-when-donald-miller-met-g-k-chesterton/#more-125265
So let me be as clear as possible and take an aggressive stand:  I have read G.K. Chesterton, I have even written an introduction for a book by G.K. Chesterton, and Donald Miller is no G.K. Chesterton. – See more at: http://mereorthodoxy.com/#sthash.xl4iNXY7.dpuf
So let me be as clear as possible and take an aggressive stand:  I have read G.K. Chesterton, I have even written an introduction for a book by G.K. Chesterton, and Donald Miller is no G.K. Chesterton. – See more at: http://mereorthodoxy.com/#sthash.xl4iNXY7.dpuf

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