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Time again for another video of Ravi!

This is a great one and it doesn’t disappoint. I find his distinction between opinion and conviction to be especially compelling.

Enjoy and be blessed.


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Attn Philosophers and Theologians: Check out the link below for details pertaining to this project at Saint Louis University.

It will be of tremendous value to the philosophical community and looks to be enticing and exciting for those interested in various specializations in epistemology, though it will not be solely relegated to that realm.

Do some work and give the world a better understanding of humility and how it works and what it looks like to be people who exhibit humility openly, honestly, and properly in all areas of life and scholarship. If this peaks your interests, then check out the details at the link below.

The Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility Project at Saint Louis University – The Prosblogion.

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Ravi at Princeton University – Why I’m Not an Atheist – YouTube.

Ravi at Princeton

Ahhh, no one does it quiet like Ravi. Listening to him is like drinking a tall, cold glass of ice water. He is such a great speaker with a persuasive message.

Observant, clear, rhetorical, compassionate: this is Ravi and his ability to communicate.

This is a great video. I enjoyed it immensely when I listened to it in his podcast at rzim.org. And, it is even better to see him deliver it in person. Take some time to listen to his message and the Q & A. There is much to be admired here and I hope you don’t miss it!

Blessings 🙂

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Check it out!!! A great word for a needy people.

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How to Give an ETS Conference Paper | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow.

This is a great post. It is valuable for any kind of public speaking.Even though this post is relegated to one conference, it is great advice for any speaking that you do.

Enjoy; and speak well!

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The Justice Conference 2012 | February 24+25, 2012 | Portland, Oregon.

This looks to be a great conference!

Social Justice is a challenging topic but so needed for the culture today.

Will you be there?

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