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LGBT group finds acceptance at evangelical college.

As I watched violent protest on my television tonight concerning the Trayvon Martin case against Mr. Zimmermann, I flip through some random internet browsing and came across this piece: Fuller Theological Seminary now allowing and accepting a LGBT group onto their campus.

As the article indicts Biola University for quashing a similar group, it praises Fuller for their openness. Yet, Fuller seems to have a contradiction on their hands, in prohibiting pre-marital sexual relations between its students and yet promoting same-sex clubs which encourage them to embrace all aspects of their sexuality, which one might also understand to contain physical intercourse. But perhaps not!?

What is obviously clear is that many more institutions which claim to be centered upon the gospel of Christ and the Scripture as the very Word of God will also condone actions and activities that are demarcated within the very corpus of Christian teaching as wrong. But perhaps not!?

Maybe Fuller desires a club where those who are professing Christians might also come alongside one another to take better stock of what it means to be gay, and I assume bi-sexual or transgender as well. It seems that we mustn’t forget the B and T, and only focus on the L and G, right? Perhaps the members of the club desire to be Christian’s who understand the struggle of same-sex attraction but resist that as sin in order to better serve Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Well, that sounds better but it also doesn’t sound any different from the umpteen number of guys and gals who are professing Christians and also peruse and meander through search engines for their next porno fix. Ah, the irony seems apparent and yet this is the rationale of the world today. And yet there seems another, deeper issue at stake.

Now to be skeptical or concerned about a group like this is to be intolerant and even worse, I think, inhumane, for as one lady puts it in the final sections of the article, and I paraphrase: the issue is no longer about what is acceptable, but about what is less inhumane. Well, if that’s the case then, we’ve come along way in this country in thinking that it is humane to abort baby fetuses and decry the nuclear family whereas we champion an attack against the “inhumanity” of questioning one’s sexual orientation or their desire. There’s a lot of ambiguity going on there, and in a country focused on human rights, there’s an awful lot of ignorance about even beginning to understand and define what is human. I think we have the cart before the horse here, folks!

Well, that’s my musing on the article. It would behoove you to read it when you can. It is filled with some delicious contradictions, though they are the sorrowful sort, for they are not ones which decry the intelligence of the author’s literary capability but they are actual logical fallacies which decry the extent of how low the human heart has fallen and the platform now in which those things are championed across the borders.

Admittedly, I still have an incredible amount of thinking to do in my understanding of this movement, and not just in regard to the decision reached by Fuller. So, I pass this along to you, my readers, and trust you will find it beneficial to your own thinking about the issues that are alive and well today.


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What Is Analytic Theology? – Justin Taylor.

Great post here by Taylor about Analytic Theology. The video clip, hosted by the University of Notre Dame, is a roundtable of three notable scholars today, working in the trenches between philosophy and theology.

The video is a great summary for those interested in the field, intrigued by the title, or wanting to know more about how philosophy and theology work together in making sense of the world today from their various disciplinary viewpoints.

If you are interested in additional resources, check http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Analytic%20Theology

Also, check here: http://journalofanalytictheology.com/jat/index.php/jat

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Caesar Obama

Render to God the Things that Are God’s – Justin Taylor.

Just a quick, simple post with a great reminder.

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Some encouragement for those of you today who might need it.

This is a great song in a beautiful rendition. Be blessed!

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Time again for another video of Ravi!

This is a great one and it doesn’t disappoint. I find his distinction between opinion and conviction to be especially compelling.

Enjoy and be blessed.

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Great post here!!!

What does HIV, the exclusivity of Jesus, Scripture, and punk rock all have in common: this interview with Bono.

Check it out. It’s amazing!

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Attn Philosophers and Theologians: Check out the link below for details pertaining to this project at Saint Louis University.

It will be of tremendous value to the philosophical community and looks to be enticing and exciting for those interested in various specializations in epistemology, though it will not be solely relegated to that realm.

Do some work and give the world a better understanding of humility and how it works and what it looks like to be people who exhibit humility openly, honestly, and properly in all areas of life and scholarship. If this peaks your interests, then check out the details at the link below.

The Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility Project at Saint Louis University – The Prosblogion.

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